Albemarle Pippin

This old-time or “antique” apple variety was an important commercial variety in the early 1900s. The fruit is greenish-yellow, medium to large with excellent fruit quality. Albemarle Pippin matures in early October and will keep in cold storage for six months.


A chance seedling discovered in the orchards of the Mennell family in British Columbia, Canada. The fruit finishes with a 50% pink to red blush over a yellow background color. The flavor is sweet and very pleasant and texture is crisp. Ambrosia matures late September in south central PA. Tree growth habit is compact, upright and very productive.

Arkansas Black

A very late maturing Winesap-type variety grown primarily in the Southeast. The fruit is dark red and very firm with a tart flavor. This is a great variety to add in a cider blend, providing a high acid, spicy flavor.

Autumn Crisp (NY674 Cltv.)

Autumn Crisp, tested as NY674 and released by Cornell University, is a promising variety, harvesting in mid-September in south-central Pennsylvania. Good size and texture, fruit is sweeter than it is tart, making it great fo  fresh eating. Fruit is also considered non-browning or very slow to oxidize. Tree is healthy and productive. Royalty: $1.25/tree

Autumn Gala (Harry Black Cltv.)

The first late-season Gala selection to be introduced. Autumn Gala was selected by Harry Black from a limb sport of Kidd’s D-8 Gala at his Catoctin Mountain Orchard in Thurmont, Maryland. This late Gala matures up to five weeks after traditional Gala strains are harvested. Fruit color is best described as orange-red and overall quality is similar to that of traditional Gala. Fruit is very firm and dense and exhibits very little stem cracking, making it a better keeper than traditional Gala. Autumn Gala provides the opportunity to extend the Gala harvest into late September/early October.

Blondee® (McLauglin Cltv.) PP#19,007

A new variety for the early season, Blondee® is being offered under license from International Plant Management.  It is a yellow-skinned, Gala-type apple ripening approximately five days before traditional Gala.  Fruit is very good for fresh eating, has a smooth finish and crunchy texture.  Great choice for direct marketers looking for a yellow apple in this season. Keeps two to three months in regular storage. Royalty: $1.25/tree

Bonita™ (UEB 406/1 Cltv.) PP#29,959

A new addition to our scab-resistant lineup, Bonita™ matures along with Golden Delicious. The fruit has a pink to bright red coloring over yellow-green background. The flesh is firm, crispy and juicy with a balanced sugar-acid ratio. Royalty: $1.75/tree


A McIntosh x Ben Davis cross that inherited the good qualities of both parents. Fruit is a beautiful red, very large, with pure white flesh. Crops heavier than most varieties and considered an annual bearer. Picked seven to ten days after McIntosh.

Crimson® Gala (Waliser Cv.)

Intensely colored, striped strain of Gala discovered in a block of Royal Gala® in Milton-Freewater, OR. Size and flavor are similar to its parent, Tenroy Gala, maturing three to five days later. It has some background color making it easier to determine fruit maturity. Recommended for northern growing districts where full color with a prominent stripe is desired. Royalty: $1.00/tree

Crimson® Gold (Svatava Cltv.)

Crimson® Gold is a new scab-resistant cultivar harvesting the second week in September, just ahead of Golden Delicious. The fruit colors nicely with a near full red-orange blush on a yellow background, and the flesh is white, firm and juicy. Apples are medium in size with a sweet-tart flavor. Fruit has storage life of up to eight months. The trees have medium vigor and are very productive, so they should be thinned accordingly. Royalty: $1.00/tree

CrimsonCrisp® (Co-op 39) PP#16,622

CrimsonCrisp® is medium in size with a very attractive crimson red color over 95% of the fruit surface. CrimsonCrisp® has a very firm, crisp texture with a tart, complex flavor. The tree is very grower friendly with a spreading habit, fruiting throughout the two- and three-year old branches. The fruit matures in mid-season and will keep in cold storage for six months. CrimsonCrisp® is a registered trademark of Purdue Research Foundation. Royalty: $1.25/tree

Crown™ Empire (Crist Cltv.)

An intense, red blush sport discovered at Crist Brothers Orchard, Walden, New York in 1990. Develops full red color two weeks ahead of Empire. Very productive and a better annual bearer than other blush strains observed. Crown™ Empire has very favorable shipping qualities, making it the ideal export Empire. Trees are somewhat less vigorous than standard Empire.
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