Early Blush™ (NJA 53 Cltv.)

An early maturing apricot selection introduced by Dr. Joe Goffreda at Rutgers University. The fruit is medium in size with an attractive orange-red blush over a golden background color with excellent flavor.


A large oval fruit with a bright, shiny orange color. Flesh is firm, fine textured and deep orange. Trees are vigorous, hardy and productive.


A 1977 introduction from Dr. Richard Layne at Vineland Horticulture Institute in Ontario, Canada ripening ten days after Goldrich. Fruit is firm and has a deep golden color with an attractive red blush. Tends to overset and should be thinned for best size.


A 1980 release from the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada. Characteristically produces very large fruit, yellow-orange in color. Flesh is firm, orange and freestone. Tolerant to brown rot, bacterial spot and perennial canker. Tree is winter hardy and productive.


A 1980 release from the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada.  Harlayne matures two weeks after Harcot.  Fruit is bright yellow with a red blush.  May require thinning for best size.  An exellent late-season apricot.


Introduced in 1979 by the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada. Medium-sized fruit, bright red glossy blush over orange background. Ideally suited for the fresh market. Flesh is orange, firm and freestone, with good flavor. Trees are upright, productive and very cold hardy. Resistant to brown rot, perennial canker and somewhat resistant to bacterial spot.


A release from the Harrow Research Station, Harostar is a bright, attractive apricot that matures 10 days after Harcot. The fruit is sweet with delicious flavor and has an attractive red blush when mature. Resistant to brown rot and bactorial spot.

Ilona™ (NJA151 Cltv.) PP#25,862

A new apricot selection from the Rutgers breeding progrm.  IlonaTM is a very attractive aprocot with excellent flavor and quality.  The tree is productive, producing beautiful bright orange fruit with a red blush.  IlonaTM harvests in late June and the flesh is firm, yet juicy. Royalty: $4.50/tree

OrangeRed®(Bhart Cltv.)

An offering from the fruit breeding program at Rutgers University, Orangered® harvests approximately one week before Harcot. The fruit develops a red blush over a bright orange ground color. Fruit texture is firm and fruit quality is very good.


Robada apricot was developed at the USDA-ARS station in Fresno, CA in the late 90s. The most notable attribute is its very large fruit size. It’s one of the largest apricots on the market. Robada is freestone, finishes with a red blush and the flesh is bright orange. The flavor is outstanding with a nice balance between acid and sugar. Tree habit is vigorous, and fruit is somewhat susceptible to mildew if not properly managed.

Sugar Pearls™

Sugar Pearls is a mid-season apricot, bred at Rutgers University. It finishes with a yellow background color, and attractive blush. The flesh is light in color, almost white. The tree is very vigorous and productive, blooming somewhat later than most traditional apricots. Sugar Pearls is considered self-fertile. Royalty: $4.50/tree
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