Allstar™ (FA80 Cltv.)

A beautiful, bright red freestone peach with clear yellow flesh. The fruit is very firm, freestone, with good shipping and storage qualities. Allstar™ trees are stocky with moderate spurring character. The fruit and the tree are very resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.80/tree

Anna Rose™ (NJ360 Cltv.) PP#33,473

Anna Rose™ is a new release from Rutgers Breeding Program/ New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES). Anna Rose™ is a deliciously sweet white-fleshed, sub-acid, freestone peach that ripens shortly after Redhaven. The fruit is medium is size with beautiful color. The tree crops heavyand ripens evenly with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Trees available spring 2022. Royalty: $2.25/tree

August Rose™ (NJ356 Cltv.) PP#23,884

A new selection from Rutgers University. August Rose™ is an attractive late-season, white-fleshed peach that harvests 24 days after Redhaven. The freestone fruit is very firm and has a delicious melting texture. The tree is tolerant to bacterial leaf spot and constriction canker. Royalty: $2.25/tree

Autumnstar® (FA42 Cltv.)

A new late season variety from the Stellar® Peach Breeding program in Michigan. The fruit is large, freestone with good firmness and fruit quality. Trees are vigorous and productive with good resistance to bacterial spot.


A sport of Loring maturing two weeks earlier. Bellaire produces large fruit with excellent color and firmness. Trees are vigorous and spreading with excellent resistance to bacterial spot.

Blazingstar® (FA12 Cltv.)

A very attractive, firm, yellow-fleshed peach ripening just after Redhaven. Tree is vigorous, upright and winter hardy. Royalty: $0.80/tree

Blushingstar® (FA18 Cltv.)

Blushingstar® ships and stores very well. It is 80 percent deep pinkish-red and averages 2.5 inches and larger with the wonderful, distinctive flavor of a white peach. The flesh is white, tinged with pink and does not brown when cut. The tree consistently produces heavy crops, is very hardy and has good resistance to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.80/tree


This variety has become an important commercial peach variety in the Mid-Atlantic region. Bounty was developed at the USDA peach breeding program at Kearneysville, West Virginia. The fruit is very large and freestone with exceptional quality. The trees are vigorous, very productive and resistant to bacterial spot.

BuenOs™ (NJF18 Cltv.) PP#19,273

An early-season flat peach with exceptional, sweet flavor. Developed at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University, BuenOs™ ripens about a week ahead of Redhaven and is medium-large in size with excellent color. Unlike most peach varieties, BuenOs™ is pollen sterile and should be planted with another peach variety. Royalty: $4.50/tree

BuenOs™ II (NJF15 Cltv.) PP#20,128

This is an outstanding yellow-fleshed flat peach with excellent size and firmness. Developed at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University, BuenOs™ II ripens approximately three days before Redhaven and is about 70 percent red with a vibrant yellow background. The fruit handles well with very little stem pull generally associated with other flat peach cultivars. The tree is very productive and resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $4.50/tree

Canadian Harmony

A large, freestone variety ripening in the mid-season, just before Loring. The fruit sizes easily to 3 inches plus, is 50 percent red with a yellow background color and has excellent quality. This variety lacks the firmness necessary for commercial shipping. However, it is an excellent choice for retail sales.


Developed at Clemson University, Carored is an excellent early season, yellow clingstone peach.  The uniform fruit has a vibrant red blush color with sweet melting flesh.  The tree is very productive with medium susceptibility to bacterial spot.   
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