Arctic Sweet

One of the best flavored of the sub-acid white nectarines. The fruit is medium in size, firm and highly colored. The tree is vigorous and productive; however, it is susceptible to bacterial spot.

Avalon™ (NJN101 Cltv.) PP#23,882

A new development from the Rutgers University breeding program in New Jersey. Ripening about ten days before Redhaven, this earlyseason nectarine has a great combination of rich color, good flavor and high productivity compared to other varieties in its season. The fruit is firm and has a very balanced flavor. The tree is vigorous with low susceptibility to bacterial leaf spot. Royalty: $2.25/tree

Brigantine™ (NJN102 Cltv.) PP#30,125

After observing this Rutgers selection for six seasons and continually being impressed with its performance, we have decided to officially release it. Brigantine™ is a yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone nectarine ripening approximately 5-10 days before Redhaven. Medium in size, the fruit finishes scarlet red over a slightly yellow background. The flesh is firm, and flavor is spicy and sweet.  We have yet to observe bacterial spot in this variety.PPAF. Royalty: $2.25/tree


Developed by Zaiger Genetics, Modesto, California, this yellow-fleshed, freestone nectarine is medium to large in size. Fruit is firm, nearly 100 percent dark red, with a very smooth finish. Another excellent choice to start the season.

Emeraude™ (Monnude Cltv.)

An outstanding new white nectarine from the Riviera Breeding Program in southern France. Ripening with John Boy., the fruit is large and highly colored with excellent firmness. The tree is vigorous and productive with improved tolerance to bacterial spot compared to other white nectarine varieties. Emeraude™ is a low-acid variety with very good flavor. Royalty: $3.00/tree


Developed in California, Fantasia is an excellent quality, yellow-fleshed, freestone nectarine. Fruit is large, nearly full red, with a smooth glossy finish. Trees are vigorous, hardy and very productive.


A large, attractive mid-season nectarine ripening after Sunglo. The fruit is very firm, freestone and very good quality. The tree is vigorous, moderately productive and is susceptible to bacterial spot.

Jade™ (Momee Cltv.)

An early-season white nectarine with excellent color and firmness. The fruit is medium in size and freestone with very good eating qualities. The tree is vigorous and resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $3.00/tree

Nectafest PP#25,694

NectaFestis a new release from the USDA-ARS program in Kearneysville, West Virginia. It is an early-season selection, harvesting just after Easternglo. The fruit is very high quality for an early-season nectarine, exhibiting a very nice flavor profile. The tree is very grower friendly. This variety was placed in a few grower trials several years ago, and we have received very positive feedback regarding its performance. Royalty: $1.75/tree


A large-sized, yellow-fleshed, very attractive, red nectarine with good shipping quality. The trees are self-fertile, vigorous and productive.

SilverGem®(NJN100 Cltv.) PP#18,147

A new selection developed at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University, this nectarine is medium in size with excellent color and firmness. The fruit is 80 percent red with a cream-colored background and a pleasant balance of sugars and acid. Royalty: $2.25/tree

SilverGlo™ (NJN103 Cltv.) PP#30,123

SilverGloTM harvests in an important season, just after Sentry but before Redhaven.  The fruit is large for the early season and very attractive with a full red skin and creamy red background color.  The flesh is firm and juicy with excellent flavor.  Trees are very vigorous and resistant to bacterial spot. PPAF. Royalty: $2.25/tree
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