Legacy™ Gala (DRF 28 Cltv.) PP#35,312P2

An exciting new strain of Gala discovered in the commercial orchards of Adams County Nursery by the late John H. Baugher, Sr. Legacy(tm) Gala is a high coloring, striped sport of Fulford Gala. Legacy™ Gala averages 10-15% more color than competing Gala strains, and harvests in traditional Gala season. Royalty: $1.00/tree

Legacy™ Jonagold (JHB 619 Cltv.) PPAF

Discovered by John H. Baugher, Sr. in a production block of Jonagold DeCoster at Adams County Nursery, Legacy™ Jonagold is an improved strain of Jonagold. The fruit develops a much-improved red color with traditional Jonagold flavor and has impressed us for many years.  Royalty: $1.00/tree


A medium-sized, yellow-fleshed dessert apple with 90 percent red over yellow background color. Tree is vigorous, spreading and an annual bearer. Liberty is resistant to apple scab, cedar apple rust, fire blight and mildew. A good choice for the home gardener.


Lodi produces heavy crops of large-sized fruit for the early season and matures four to seven days later than Yellow Transparent. Trees are vigorous with a spreading growth habit. Bud 9 is our dwarf root recommendation for areas prone to fire blight.


An excellent dessert apple with characteristics similar to McIntosh. Macoun is recognized in the Northeast for its high quality. Flesh is white, firm and juicy. A top choice for the roadside market and pickyour- own trade. Tree is upright in habit, requiring aggressive thinning to maintain annual cropping.


The official state apple of Ohio, this Jonathan x Delicious cross ripens before Stayman season. Fruit is large, firm, crisp and juicy. It finishes an attractive red on a yellow background. Melrose keeps well in storage and is a premium cooking apple.


A cross between Yellow Delicious and Indo. Fruit is firm and juicy, with excellent dessert and processing qualities. Tree is very vigorous, a triploid and must be pollinated. Susceptible to blister spot. An excellent variety for roadside markets and the pick-your-own trade.


Introduced by the Pennsylvania State University, Nittany is a York Imperial-type apple possessing outstanding processing characteristics. Its flavor and attractive orange-red color also give it good fresh market potential. Flesh oxidizes very slowly and imparts a highly desirable yellow color to processed products. Nittany needs to be aggressively thinned to avoid biennial bearing.

Northern Spy

An old-time favorite variety for northern climates that has been grown throughout New York, New England, Michigan and Pennsylvania for over 100 years. Northern Spy produces large, high-quality fruit with excellent keeping quality. The tree is upright, very vigorous and winter hardy. Northern Spy is slow to begin bearing and dwarfing rootstocks are recommended.

Nova Spy

Nova Spy was introduced by the Nova Scotia Research Station in Kentville. It harvests in the same season as Northern Spy, but is more precocious than the original Spy. Fruit has a sweet, pleasant flavor, making it very good for fresh eating. It bakes well and is a good keeper. This variety has shown good resistance to apple scab.

Pink Lady® (Cripps Pink Cltv.)

Attractive pink blush over a yellow background color, this Golden Delicious x Lady Williams cross is suggested for warmer Mid-Atlantic growing regions. The fruit is medium to large, crisp with a sweet-tart flavor and a long storage life. Pink Lady® develops full flavor after four weeks in storage. It requires only 400 chill hours and it matures 200-215 days after bloom. Because of the low chilling requirement and the naturally high vigor of this variety, it may be planted in a range of sites, including warm climates and weak soils. Summer pruning, low fertility and low vigor rootstocks are highly recommended. Pink Lady® matures November 10 in south-central Pennsylvania. Royalty: $1.25/tree

Pioneer™ Mac (Greiner Cltv.)

Ripens just after Rogers Red McIntosh, allowing flexibility in harvest. Fruit quality, flavor and size are excellent. Flesh is white and firmer than many McIntosh strains. Pioneer™ Mac has shown resistance to late-season drop on mature trees. Considered a non-spur, the tree exhibits semi-spur flower bud formation, with some fruiting on one-year-old wood. Tree is less vigorous and more spreading than other McIntosh strains. Pioneer™ Mac will pollinate both Marshall McIntosh and Rogers Red McIntosh. One of the highest quality McIntosh strains suitable for CA storage.
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