Bonita™ (UEB 406/1 Cltv.) PP#29,959

A new addition to our scab-resistant lineup, Bonita™ matures along with Golden Delicious. The fruit has a pink to bright red coloring over yellow-green background. The flesh is firm, crispy and juicy with a balanced sugar-acid ratio. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Crimson® Gold (Svatava Cltv.)

Crimson® Gold is a new scab-resistant cultivar harvesting the second week in September, just ahead of Golden Delicious. The fruit colors nicely with a near full red-orange blush on a yellow background, and the flesh is white, firm and juicy. Apples are medium in size with a sweet-tart flavor. Fruit has storage life of up to eight months. The trees have medium vigor and are very productive, so they should be thinned accordingly. Royalty: $1.00/tree

CrimsonCrisp® (Co-op 39) PP#16,622

CrimsonCrisp® is medium in size with a very attractive crimson red color over 95% of the fruit surface. CrimsonCrisp® has a very firm, crisp texture with a tart, complex flavor. The tree is very grower friendly with a spreading habit, fruiting throughout the two- and three-year old branches. The fruit matures in mid-season and will keep in cold storage for six months. CrimsonCrisp® is a registered trademark of Purdue Research Foundation. Royalty: $1.25/tree

Enterprise™ (Co-op 30)

Developed by Purdue University, this is a late-maturing, deep red apple with good keeping qualities.  Fruit is uniform and medium to large in size.  Tree is vigorous and spreading, with good annual bearing habits.  EnterpriseTM is highly reisstant to fire blight and cedar apple rust.  It is becoming an important processing variety.

Food Forest Bundle

Perfect for a deer plot or just for personal consumption, we’ve combined some of our hardiest varieties to create your own personal food forest. All varieties are on semidwarf rootstock and will produce trees that are eventually 15-18 feet tall.  Trees should be planted at least 15 feet apart, and no further than 25 feet apart to allow for adequate cross pollination between varieties. Shipping starts the last two weeks of April. 2x Initial on EMLA 111 2x Liberty on EMLA 111 2x RubyRush on EMLA 111 2x Smeralda on EMLA 111 2x Goldrush on EMLA 111  


Large multipurpose apple good for fresh eating, sauce and juice.  Fruit color is red striping over yellow background, and the flesh is cream-colored and medium-firm.  Freedom blooms three days after McIntosh and ripens with Red Delicious.  Tree is vigorous and moderately resistant to mildew and fire blight.

Galarina™ (X-4982 Cltv.)

This mid-late season Gala-like apple was developed in France. Fruit resembles Gala, small to medium in size, red to orange-red, with some yellow background color. Flavor is crisp  and sweet and will store up to four months in regular cold storage. The apple will hang up to four weeks after expected harvest with very little stem cracking. Tree is vigorous, hardier than Gala and the growth habit is upright-spreading. Galarina™ shows high tolerance to apple scab and mildew. Royalty: $1.25/tree

GoldRush (Co-op 38)

Best known for its remarkable keeping qualities, GoldRush will keep in regular cold storage approximately 10 or 11 months. Fruit is crisp and tart off the tree and develops its sugars in storage. GoldRush resists oxidation when cut, making a nice, yellow sauce, and the fruit also bakes very well. Tree is non-vigorous, slightly upright with a semi-spur habit. Resistant to scab and mildew. Matures after Fuji and is not recommended for northern growing districts.

Initial™ (X-6163 Cltv.)

A scab-resistant variety developed at INRA Angers, France, Initial™ is a Gala x Redfree cross. It matures approximately one week before Gala. The fruit has good size and has a red blush over a yellow background. This variety is prone to fruit drop, making it an ideal selection for food plots. Tree is relatively non-vigorous and the fruit is crisp with a mild acidic flavor. Initial™ is a triploid and therefore pollen sterile. Royalty: $1.25/tree


A medium-sized, yellow-fleshed dessert apple with 90 percent red over yellow background color. Tree is vigorous, spreading and an annual bearer. Liberty is resistant to apple scab, cedar apple rust, fire blight and mildew. A good choice for the home gardener.

Nova Spy

Nova Spy was introduced by the Nova Scotia Research Station in Kentville. It harvests in the same season as Northern Spy, but is more precocious than the original Spy. Fruit has a sweet, pleasant flavor, making it very good for fresh eating. It bakes well and is a good keeper. This variety has shown good resistance to apple scab.

Pristine (Co-op 32)

The earliest of our scab-resistant offerings ripening just after Lodi. Pristine is a yellow apple with smooth, glossy skin. Fruit is high in sugar content with very good keeping quality for an early season apple. The tree is vigorous and considered very scab resistant, although somewhat susceptible to fire blight.
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