Granny Smith

A late, green, tart apple, maturing in early November. Develops a red blush in the Northeast. High-quality eating apple with a storage life equal to Fuji.

Grimes Golden

An old favorite, suitable for fresh use, cider and cooking. This variety is medium in vigor, productive and an excellent pollenizer.

Hampshire™ Mac

A McIntosh-type apple discovered by Erick Leadbeater of Contoocook, New Hampshire. The fruit is 90 percent red and very firm with a crisp, juicy texture. Ripening two to three weeks later than conventional McIntosh, Hampshire™ Mac provides the opportunity to extend the McIntosh season. It performs well in southern growing districts as well and the tree exhibits very little fruit drop.

Honeycrisp (MINNB42 Cltv.) PP#26,644

The original Honeycrisp was developed by the University of Minnesota, and this MINNB42 cultivar is their chosen red strain of Honeycrisp. It was discovered as a limb mutation at the research center in Excelsior, MN in 1999 and since then has been placed in replicate trials in MN, NY, and south central PA.  Fruit color evaluations were done over many seasons, and this selection has consistently produced fruit exhibiting more intense red color than the original.  Bloom and harvest times are the same as the original Honeycrisp strain. Royalty: $1.40/tree


A dual-purpose apple, suitable for both fresh and process markets. Idared is a solid bright red apple that keeps well in long-term storage. This medium-vigor tree bears young and annually with heavy crops. Blooms early and makes a good pollenizer. Susceptible to fire blight.

Improved Red Jonathan

A red sport of the original Jonathan, this cultivar is a reliable cropper and develops red color earlier than other Jonathan strains. Improved Red Jonathan has excellent blending quality for cider and is preferred for candied apples as well.

Initial™ (X-6163 Cltv.)

A scab-resistant variety developed at INRA Angers, France, Initial™ is a Gala x Redfree cross. It matures approximately one week before Gala. The fruit has good size and has a red blush over a yellow background. This variety is prone to fruit drop, making it an ideal selection for food plots. Tree is relatively non-vigorous and the fruit is crisp with a mild acidic flavor. Initial™ is a triploid and therefore pollen sterile. Royalty: $1.25/tree


Attractive, high-quality McIntosh-type dessert apple that is medium in size with 90 percent dark red color. Fruit is firm and crisp, ripening just ahead of McIntosh. Tree is medium-sized, very productive and an annual bearer. Jonamac is suggested as a pollenizer due to its extended bloom period and apparent tolerance to fire blight.


Keepsake was developed by the University of Minnesota and introduced in the late 1970s. The fruit is sweet and spicy and the texture is crisp and dense, making it an ideal cooking apple. It keeps very well, storing up to six months. Harvests early October in southcentral Pennsylvania.

Kudos™ (MN33 Cltv. )

A new release from the University of Minnesota, Kudos™ (MN33 Cltv.) is an attractive Honeycrisp x Zestar!® cross that produces well-colored fruit with an excellent crisp, juicy texture. The sweet flavor is well-balanced with occasional tropical overtones.  Royalty: $1.40/tree

Kumeu Crimson® Braeburn

A late-season apple that harvests with other Braeburn strains. Medium to large fruit with typical tart flavor and long storage life. Fruit colors two to three weeks ahead of other Braeburns, finishing 100% red with a prominent stripe. Tree is spur type with low vigor. Kumeu Crimson® Braeburn matures in early November in southern Pennsylvania. Royalty: $1.00/tree

Law Red Rome (Law Cltv.)

A red sport of Rome Beauty. The most widely planted strain of Rome. Fruit is solid red and of the same quality as Rome Beauty. We feel this is the premium Red Rome for the fresh market industry.
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