AC™ Harrow Crisp (HW610 Cltv.) PP#17,843

AC™ Harrow Crisp was developed by the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada. This variety harvests with Bartlett and sizes slightly larger. Fruit has a very attractive finish with a red blush over smooth, yellow skin and the flavor is mildly sweet. The tree is hardy, productive and has proven resistance to fire blight. Royalty: $1.75/tree


A brown russeted Asian pear for the late season. Fruit is large, very firm, crisp and juicy. Trees are upright, spreading and medium in vigor. Royalty: $0.50/tree


A large, heavy-bearing variety with excellent quality. Long considered one of the choicest canning varieties, Bartlett accounts for about 75 percent of the pear production in the United States and Canada. Bartlett requires cross pollination and ripens in late August.


This exciting new release from the USDA ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, WV is named after the longtime pear breeder, Richard Bell. The fruit has ranked the highest in flavor intensity, flavor balance and juiciness among other pears in its season during years of extensive evaluation. The tree is vigorous and exhibits excellent resistance to fire blight.

Beurre D’Anjou

A very high-quality pear ripening in late September. Fruit is light green, and unlike Bartlett, does not change from green to yellow upon maturity. A fine-textured pear, the flesh is mild and aromatic. Considered more blight resistant than Bartlett. Can be kept in cold storage until late spring.

Blake’s Pride

A mid-season pear ripening one week after Bartlett. The fruit is medium in size with an attractive yellow color and excellent, aromatic flavor. Blake’s Pride produces annual crops and has a high degree of resistance to fire blight.

Golden Russet Bosc

It has been reported that this sport of Bosc, discovered in Oregon, has a more complete russet than traditional Bosc. The fruit on this vigorous tree type is long and uniform in shape. Flavor is similar to that of traditional Bosc, but harvests slightly earlier.

Harrow Sweet (HW609 Cltv.)

A late-season pear developed by the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada, Harrow Sweet ripens approximately three weeks after Bartlett. This variety has shown very good resistance to fire blight. The fruit size and appearance are similar to that of Bartlett; however, Harrow Sweet does develop an attractive blush. Trees should be thinned to maintain fruit size and avoid biennial bearing.


This Asian variety is solid russet with pronounced lenticels. Ripening in late August, fruit is mildly flavored, sweet

Juicy Jewel ® (MN121 Cltv.) PPAF

A new release from the University of Minnesota, Juicy Jewel® is an attractive Asian pear that ripens early in the season. The sweet fruit has a mild tropical flavor and can produce an orange-pink blush when ripe.   Juicy Jewel® can store up to 3 months in cold storage. This variety has also shown high disease tolerance.  Royalty: $1.50/tree


A medium-to-large Asian pear ripening after Hosui. The fruit is yellow/brown russet, firm, crisp and juicy with a sweet low-acid flavor.


A medium-sized pear ripening just after Seckel. Skin is greenish-brown, covered with light russet. Flesh is soft, juicy and almost free of grit cells. Flavor is sweet and of excellent quality. Tree is vigorous, spreading and resistant to fire blight. Magness does not produce good pollen and should not be used as a pollenizer.
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