Anna Rose™ (NJ360 Cltv.) PP#33,473

Anna Rose™ is a new release from Rutgers Breeding Program/ New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES). Anna Rose™ is a deliciously sweet white-fleshed, sub-acid, freestone peach that ripens shortly after Redhaven. The fruit is medium is size with beautiful color. The tree crops heavyand ripens evenly with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Trees available spring 2022. Royalty: $2.25/tree

August Rose™ (NJ356 Cltv.) PP#23,884

A new selection from Rutgers University. August Rose™ is an attractive late-season, white-fleshed peach that harvests 24 days after Redhaven. The freestone fruit is very firm and has a delicious melting texture. The tree is tolerant to bacterial leaf spot and constriction canker. Royalty: $2.25/tree

Blushingstar® (FA18 Cltv.)

Blushingstar® ships and stores very well. It is 80 percent deep pinkish-red and averages 2.5 inches and larger with the wonderful, distinctive flavor of a white peach. The flesh is white, tinged with pink and does not brown when cut. The tree consistently produces heavy crops, is very hardy and has good resistance to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.80/tree

July Rose™ (NJ354 Cltv.) PP#23,669

A new early-season variety from Rutgers University. A white-fleshed peach that vigorously produces large fruits five to seven days before Redhaven. The firm fruit has a nice, sweet flavor with a very attractive red color. The tree is vigorous and productive and tolerant of bacterial leaf spot. Royalty: $2.25/tree

Klondike White

This white-fleshed variety has been grown in the Mid-Atlantic region for over ten years and has performed very well in most locations. The fruit is medium to large and very attractive. This is the best variety to follow White Lady, but should not be planted where bacterial spot is a problem.

Raritan Rose

Raritan Rose is an attractive, high-quality, white-fleshed peach. The fruit is medium to large with exceptional eating quality. The trees are productive, resistant to bacterial leaf spot and very winter hardy.

September Snow

This is the latest ripening white-fleshed peach variety offered by Adams County Nursery. The fruit is medium to large and attractive with outstanding fruit quality. Due to the late ripening, September Snow is not recommended for planting in northern growing districts.

Snow Giant

If you are interested in planting a white-fleshed variety for the late season, this selection is an excellent choice. The fruit is very large and firm with outstanding fruit quality. The tree is vigorous, productive and moderately resistant to bacterial spot.

Spring Snow

This very early white peach is a good choice to start the season. The fruit is medium in size, highly-colored and quite firm. As with most early-season varieties, the crop should be thinned very early after fruit set to achieve adequate size. The tree is quite vigorous; however, it may be susceptible to cold winter temperatures and is not recommended for colder climates.

Sugar Giant

This is consistently one of the best performing white peach varieties for eastern growers. Developed by Zaiger Genetics of Modesto, California, Sugar Giant is a large, firm white peach with exceptional eating quality. The trees are very vigorous and productive with medium resistance to bacterial spot.

Sugar May

This is one of the best early-season varieties we have tested. Sugar May is medium in size, highly colored and firm, producing excellent quality, white-fleshed, freestone peaches. We encourage early fruit thinning to achieve maximum fruit size.

White Lady

Recognized as the first important sub-acid, white-fleshed peach to be introduced in the eastern U.S., White Lady is an outstanding variety in every way. The fruit is highly colored and very firm with excellent dessert qualities. The tree is vigorous and has performed well throughout eastern production areas.
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