Au Rosa

A dark red plum, medium to large in size, with red flesh. Trees are very vigorous, spreading and moderately productive.

Black Amber

A mid-season plum with black-red skin and an amber flesh. The fruit is large and very firm. This variety is susceptible to bacterial diseases caused by extreme humid climates and is not recommended under these conditions.


Released by the USDA in 1998, Bluebyrd is an excellent European-type plum for the commercial orchard and home garden use. The fruit is blue with amber flesh, medium to large in size with excellent flavor and high sugar content. The tree is vigorous and productive and has shown great resistance to black knot. Bluebyrd blooms before Stanley and requires cross pollination.


This early-maturing, dual-purpose plum is a Valor x Iroquois cross released by Cornell University’s New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. The fruit is blue, slightly ovate and similar in appearance to Stanley, ripening about three weeks ahead of Stanley. The trees are spreading and consistently produce a heavy crop.

Early Golden

A high-quality, early-season plum with an attractive red blush over golden yellow ground color, maturing 10 to 14 days before Shiro. Fruit is very sweet, small to medium in size. Trees are hardy, vigorous and productive.


A late maturing, Japanese-type plum maturing in late August. Fruit is medium to large, reddish-purple and very firm with yellow flesh. The trees are upright and vigorous. Cross pollination with other Japanese varieties is recommended.

Green Gage

In Europe, this self-fertile variety is considered to be the ideal dessert plum. The fruit is yellow-green with red mottling and has a very rich flavor. The trees are moderately vigorous and tend to be biennial.

Long John

A mid-season, prune-type plum for the fresh market. The fruit is dark blue, very large and of high quality. The trees are upright, medium in vigor and very productive.


An early plum with fine quality and appearance. The fruit is purple with red, sweet flesh and very juicy with a distinctive flavor. Ripening in early to mid-July, Methley is self-fertile and a good pollenizer for Shiro.

NY9® (Kenmore Cltv.)

NY9® was released by Cornell University and is being offered under license agreement with International Plant Management. This selection is freestone with yellow-green flesh. It ripens in Stanley season, however is more productive and disease resistant than Stanley. NY9® is considered self-fertile. Royalty: $1.00/tree

Queen Rosa

A USDA release ripening five to seven days after Santa Rosa. Fruit is similar to Santa Rosa, a dark red-purple plum with red flesh. Queen Rosa has been more productive than Santa Rosa under eastern conditions.

Ruby Queen

Another USDA release, Ruby Queen blooms with Methley and ripens three to four weeks after Santa Rosa. This variety has been widely tested and shown to adapt well to humid climates. With an outstanding flavor, the fruit has reddish-black skin and a firm red flesh.
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