Dapple Dandy Pluot®

This outstanding fruit variety, developed at Zaiger Genetics, Modesto, California, has performed very well in our trials. The fruit is large, with a dark purple color overlaid on a light purple background color. Dapple Dandy has firm, dark red flesh when fully mature, with exceptional dessert quality. The tree is open, spreading and very vigorous.

Flavor Grenade Pluot® PP#12,097

Released by Zaiger Genetics, this Pluot® is characterized by its firm yellow flesh and excellent dessert quality. The fruit is medium in size, oblong with beautiful red color over a brilliant yellow background. Flavor Grenade has been very productive in our trials and should be hand thinned to attain adequate fruit size. The tree is upright with medium vigor and can be planted at a higher density than most other plum or Pluot® varieties. Royalty: $3.00/tree

Flavor Heart Pluot®

Another selection introduced by Zaiger Genetics, Flavor Heart is a late season selection which harvests in early September in south central PA. The fruit is heart-shaped with very dark, purple-red skin and yellow flesh. The flavor is pleasantly sweet, but does ripen quickly on the tree and should be harvested in a timely manner.

Flavor King Pluot®

Another Pluot® selection from Zaiger Genetics. Fruit is reddish-purple with a sweet red flesh. A late season Pluot® ripening in early September, the fruit is medium in size, very firm, with a spicy flavor. Tree is naturally small and requires cross pollination. Santa Rosa plum is a good pollenizer for this variety.

Flavor Queen Pluot®

A greenish-yellow Pluot® developed at Zaiger Genetics Modesto, California. Fruit is medium to large with yellow flesh and a pleasantly sweet flavor. Tree is vigorous and productive. Dapple Dandy is recommended as a pollenizer.

Flavorich Pluot®

A very late maturing Pluot® from the Zaiger Genetics breeding program. Fruit is dark purple, firm, very sweet with a yellow-orange flesh. The tree is vigorous, upright and very productive. Pollination is required. Recommended pollenizers include Dapple Dandy and Flavor King.

Spring Satin Plumcot

Spring Satin is a plum x apricot hybrid introduced by Dr. Dick Okie, USDA-ARS, Bryron, GA. The fruit matures in early July, making this our earliest plum selection. The finish is purple, flesh is yellow-red at full maturity, and the flavor is outstanding. Spring Satin trees are resistant to some of the major plum diseases, including bacterial spot and bacterial canker.
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