Snapp™ Stayman (AS510 Cltv.)

A sport of Red Stayman 201, this strain was discovered in the orchards of Alfred Snapp of Winchester, Virginia. We are confident that Snapp™ Stayman is the most highly colored strain of Stayman available. Productivity and flesh quality are identical to Red Stayman 201. Tree vigor is more spur type than standard Stayman, and tree spacing should be adjusted accordingly. Royalty: $0.75/tree

Story® (Inored Cv.) PP#22,794

Recently released by INRA, France, Story® is a new scab-resistant variety that matures one month after Golden Delicious. Fruit is firm and dense with a sweet flavor and exhibits an attractive red blush at maturity. Story® has outstanding storage potential, keeping for up to 8 months in normal cold storage. Susceptible to powdery mildew. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Summer Rambo

A greenish-red variety, the fruit is juicy and possesses a fine flavor, making it a preferred variety for summer sauce. Fruit size is large. The tree is vigorous, hardy and somewhat susceptible to fire blight. Summer Rambo is a triploid and therefore pollen-sterile, and it should not be planted as a pollenizer.

Suncrisp® (NJ55 Cltv.)

This Golden Delicious x Cox Orange Pippin selection from the New Jersey Apple Breeding Program is rated highly by taste panels. The fruit color is golden with an orange blush. Suncrisp® is a dual-purpose apple and matures approximately three weeks after Golden Delicious, has a sweet, spicy flavor and typically stores up to six months. The tree has medium vigor with an upright growth habit. Good thinning practices decrease the tendency toward biennial bearing. Site selection is critical as this variety is prone to russet. Royalty: $0.40/tree

Super Chief® Red Delicious (Sandidge Cltv.)

Our best early-coloring super-red strain of Delicious. Originated as a complete tree sport of the Campbell strain in the orchards of Ray Sandidge in Entiat, Washington. This strain starts out as a stripe and fills in to a solid red ten days ahead of harvest. Tree is a super-spur and stays compact even on semi-dwarf roots. It is a consistent, annual bearer even when not thinned aggressively. We feel this variety gives eastern growers a distinct early coloring and market advantage. Royalty: $0.40/tree

Taylor Spur Rome

The most commonly recommended strain for processing. Produces heavy crops of large fruit. Tree is very compact and can easily be managed in high-density plantings. Requires much less pruning than conventional strains of Rome.

Triumph® (MN80 Cltv.) PP#33,756

A new release from the University of Minnesota, this Honeycrisp x Liberty cross is highly resistant to scab and cedar apple rust. Triumph® has a well-balanced flavor profile with a hint of tartness making this apple a standout. The fruit has a firm texture and stores up to 6 months in regular cold storage.   Royalty: $1.25/tree

Wilton’s® Red Jonaprince (Red Jonathan Cltv.)

Jonagold has become an important variety in the United States and Europe due to its exceptional eating quality, large fruit size and high yield potential. Red Jonaprince is an outstanding sport of this variety with the advantage of improved red color. Royalty: $1.50/tree

WineCrisp™ (Co-op 31 Cv.) PP#20,437

WineCrisp™ was selected by and is being offered under license from the University of Illinois. It is a late-season apple, harvesting two weeks after Delicious. The fruit is medium to large in size and colors to a deep purple-red with a “scarfy” finish. Flesh is very firm, juicy and crisp and exhibits a pleasantly balanced sweet-tart, spicy flavor. WineCrisp™ has performed very well in hot, dry conditions and is ideal for southern growing districts. This apple has great storage life, keeping six to eight months in regular cold storage. Tree is moderately vigorous and spreading. Aggressive thinning is recommended to avoid biennial bearing. Royalty: $1.50/tree

Wolf River

Wolf River is an antique variety best known for its large size. It is an early-season apple, excellent for cooking and baking. The finish is a very pale red blush on yellow background. Wolf River is considered somewhat scab resistant and is a very winter hardy tree.

Yellow Transparent

An early yellow apple ripening the first week in July. The fruit is tender, juicy and mildly acidic, making it a favorite for homemade applesauce. Trees are upright, vigorous and very precocious, but tend to be biennial.

Zestar!® (Minnewashta Cltv.)

A high-quality early season variety introduced by the University of Minnesota. The fruit is crisp, juicy and somewhat tart. It will keep in common storage for six to eight weeks. The tree is non-vigorous and crops annually.
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