orchard Supplies

Plastic Tree Guards

White plastic guard; designed to protect trees from ground-dwelling pests (i.e. mice, rabbits). 18” H, 3.5” D; self-coiling, easy to install


Treated lodgepole for use in high density planting systems. Smaller caliper posts suitable for individually staking trees; larger caliper posts which can be used as in-line and anchor posts in trellis systems.


Rigid, plastic chain-link tie; 500’ per roll.

Felco® 2 Hand Pruner

Recognized worldwide as the authority in pruning shears and preferred by horticulturists. Felco® pruners cut without crushing or damaging bark. Anvil blades are replaceable and are made of hardened steel with a wire cutting notch.

Wire Crimps

Used for splicing wire; 100 count per bag.

Jumbo Gripple®

Wire tensioning system; 20 count per bag.


12.5 gauge, hi-tensile wire; 3415’ per roll.

Easy Tree Clip

Secures tree to 12.5 gauge wire; steel wire clip, 100 per bag.

Black Sturdy Tie Webbing

Recommended for mature trees; 2” wide; 330’ per roll.

Rechargeable Soap Bags

Effective deer control for areas of light to moderate deer pressure. Soap acts as deterrent to deer browsing on young trees. Package includes weather resistant, nylon mesh bag, soap and zip tie for attachment to the tree. The product is prepackaged and ready to hang on the tree. 25 count per box. Available discount if purchased by case (100 count).

Staples (11lb tub)

2” double-barbed wire staples; designed for extra grip; 594 count.

Prothec CEP Tie

Stretchable, polyethylene; UV treated; 330’ per roll.

Stake Clips

Secures steel conduit to wire; 250 per bag.

Staples (2lb bag)

2” double-barbed wire staples; designed for extra grip; 108 count.