AC™ Harrow Crisp (HW610 Cltv.) PP#17,843

AC™ Harrow Crisp was developed by the Harrow Research Station in Ontario, Canada. This variety harvests with Bartlett and sizes slightly larger. Fruit has a very attractive finish with a red blush over smooth, yellow skin and the flavor is mildly sweet. The tree is hardy, productive and has proven resistance to fire blight. Royalty: $1.75/tree


Rigid, plastic chain-link tie; 500’ per roll.

Albemarle Pippin

This old-time or “antique” apple variety was an important commercial variety in the early 1900s. The fruit is greenish-yellow, medium to large with excellent fruit quality. Albemarle Pippin matures in early October and will keep in cold storage for six months.

Allstar™ (FA80 Cltv.)

A beautiful, bright red freestone peach with clear yellow flesh. The fruit is very firm, freestone, with good shipping and storage qualities. Allstar™ trees are stocky with moderate spurring character. The fruit and the tree are very resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.80/tree


A chance seedling discovered in the orchards of the Mennell family in British Columbia, Canada. The fruit finishes with a 50% pink to red blush over a yellow background color. The flavor is sweet and very pleasant and texture is crisp. Ambrosia matures late September in south central PA. Tree growth habit is compact, upright and very productive.

Anna Rose™ (NJ360 Cltv.) PP#33,473

Anna Rose™ is a new release from Rutgers Breeding Program/ New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES). Anna Rose™ is a deliciously sweet white-fleshed, sub-acid, freestone peach that ripens shortly after Redhaven. The fruit is medium is size with beautiful color. The tree crops heavyand ripens evenly with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Trees available spring 2022. Royalty: $2.25/tree

Arctic Sweet

One of the best flavored of the sub-acid white nectarines. The fruit is medium in size, firm and highly colored. The tree is vigorous and productive; however, it is susceptible to bacterial spot.

Arkansas Black

A very late maturing Winesap-type variety grown primarily in the Southeast. The fruit is dark red and very firm with a tart flavor. This is a great variety to add in a cider blend, providing a high acid, spicy flavor.


A brown russeted Asian pear for the late season. Fruit is large, very firm, crisp and juicy. Trees are upright, spreading and medium in vigor. Royalty: $0.50/tree

Au Rosa

A dark red plum, medium to large in size, with red flesh. Trees are very vigorous, spreading and moderately productive.

August Rose™ (NJ356 Cltv.) PP#23,884

A new selection from Rutgers University. August Rose™ is an attractive late-season, white-fleshed peach that harvests 24 days after Redhaven. The freestone fruit is very firm and has a delicious melting texture. The tree is tolerant to bacterial leaf spot and constriction canker. Royalty: $2.25/tree

Autumn Crisp (NY674 Cltv.)

Autumn Crisp, tested as NY674 and released by Cornell University, is a promising variety, harvesting in mid-September in south-central Pennsylvania. Good size and texture, fruit is sweeter than it is tart, making it great fo  fresh eating. Fruit is also considered non-browning or very slow to oxidize. Tree is healthy and productive. Royalty: $1.25/tree
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