Pristine (Co-op 32)

The earliest of our scab-resistant offerings ripening just after Lodi. Pristine is a yellow apple with smooth, glossy skin. Fruit is high in sugar content with very good keeping quality for an early season apple. The tree is vigorous and considered very scab resistant, although somewhat susceptible to fire blight.

Querina™ (X-2775 Cltv.)

Developed at INRA Angers, France, Querina™ is scab-resistant and moderately resistant to mildew.  Parentage includes Golden Delicious and Jonathan, among others.  The fruit is firm and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor and it develops solid red color. Querina™ harvests two to three weeks after Golden Delicious and will keep for up to two to three months in regular storage.  Tree is vigorous and somewhat upright.  This variety is susceptible to cedar apple rust. Royalty: $1.00/tree

Red Cameo™ (Dudek Cltv.) PP#19,766

This red strain of Cameo harvests with the original selection. The color improvement is significant and does not compromise flavor. This selection is being offered under license agreement with Van Well Nursery, Wenatchee, Washington. Royalty: $1.00/tree

Red Winesap

An improved all-red Winesap. Fruit is very firm, medium in size and matures one week after Snapp™ Stayman. Flavor is more stringent than Stayman. Exhibits less cracking than Stayman. Trees should be planted on dwarf stock and kept open to maintain fruit color characteristics.

Red Yorking

This sport of York Imperial colors earlier and has more complete color. The premium processing apple.

Royal Court® (Hartencourt ‘NS-911’ Cltv.)

Discovered as a limb sport of an original Cortland by Jacob Hartenhof of Waterville, Nova Scotia. Royal Court® is an improved strain coloring to a solid blush. This selection has been cropped by many growers in the Northeast and is considered the superior Cortland strain. Royalty: $0.75/tree

Royal Red Honeycrisp® PP#22,244

We’re excited to offer this selection through license agreement with Willow Drive Nursery. Royal Red Honeycrisp® is a highly colored red strain of Honeycrisp that has the same flavor and eating characteristics as the original Honeycrisp. The tree can be less vigorous than its parent. Royalty: $1.50/tree

Royal® Empire (Teeple Cltv.)

Discovered at Teeple Farms in Wolcott, New York, Royal® Empire is an early-coloring strain of the original Empire. This selection colors to a deep scarlet red with a faint stripe and matures with Empire. Royal® Empire is equivalent in every aspect to the original Empire, but provides improved coloring. Tree vigor is stronger than other Empire strains, consequently producing a larger count Empire.

RubyMac® (B. Thome Mac Cltv.) PP#19,891

Offered through license agreement with International Plant Management, RubyMac® is a very promising, early-coloring, blush McIntosh. The finish is vibrant red and the flesh color is similar to that of Marshall McIntosh, exhibiting a tinge of light green. Fruit is very firm and is resistant to premature drop. Tree habit is similar to that of other McIntosh strains. Royalty: $1.50/tree

RubyRush™ (NJ150 Cltv.) PP#33,546

An exciting new release from the apple breeding program at Rutgers University/ New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station(NJAES). This selection is a GoldRush x Enterprise cross selected for its scab-resistant traits. RubyRush™ also exhibits excellent resistance to fire blight and cedar apple rust. The fruit is juicy and aromatic with a desirable crisp texture. The tree is vigorous and should be thinned to avoid biennial bearing. Royalty: $1.75/tree


Sansa was developed in Japan, a product of a Gala x Akane cross. It picks one week before Gala and resembles Gala in both fruit color and firmness. Sansa has excellent fresh eating qualities and keeps well. This variety is very tolerant to heat and has, in turn, performed well in warmer districts. The tree is non-vigorous, and the structure can be somewhat challenging.


A sister to Mutsu developed in Japan. Reported to be blister spot resistant. Fruit is large like Mutsu, but has a milder, sweeter flavor. Shizuka matures two weeks before its sister and exhibits less bitter pit. Tree vigor appears to be similar to that of Mutsu. This has become an important variety for many direct market growers.
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