A high-quality, freestone variety ripening in the Loring season. Fruit is very firm and large with excellent color. The trees are hardy and very productive.

Coralstar® (FA59 Cltv.)

Coralstar® is a large, beautiful freestone peach with 80 percent red color that matures just before Loring. The flesh is firm with wonderful flavor. Coralstar® holds well on the tree and in storage and does not brown when cut. The tree is hardy and resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.80/tree


Introduced by Michigan State University, Cresthaven is a very firm, highly colored variety for the late season. The fruit is yellowfleshed, freestone, and shows considerable red around the pit. The tree is winter hardy, very productive and has medium vigor. Extra fertilization is recommended to maintain tree longevity and vigor.

Crimson Rocket PP#15,216

This variety is an introduction from the USDA peach breeding program at Kearneysville, West Virginia. This novel variety is the first pillar tree form variety offered by Adams County Nursery. The tree architecture is very different than conventional peach trees. It is a very upright growing tree reaching 12-14 feet with a 5-6 foot spread, allowing the tree to be maintained in a confined area. The fruit is large and freestone with good eating qualities. This variety is not recommended for shipping due to lack of adequate firmness. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Desiree® (NJ350 Cltv.) PP#19,382

This new yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone peach ripens approximately eight days before Sentry. The fruit is medium in size, highly colored, with excellent quality and few split pits. Developed at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University, Desiree® is an exciting new variety for the early season market. The tree is medium in vigor and resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Earlystar® (FA101 Cltv.)

Earlystar® is a very nice early season fresh market variety. Fruit is medium in size, semifreestone with good color and firmness. Tree is very productive, requiring heavy fruit thinning, and is resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.80/tree

Encore (NJ260 Cltv.)

A very attractive, yellow-fleshed peach. Fruit is large, firm and tolerant to bacterial leaf spot. The tree is vigorous and hardy. Encore was developed by Rutgers University and is a cross between a seedling and Autumnglo.

Evelynn™ (NJ357 Cltv.) PP#29,989

We have been evaluating this selection for six years and are excited to introduce it on behalf of the Rutgers Breeding Program. Evelynn™ typically harvests with Redhaven, sometimes slightly earlier. The fruit is yellow-fleshed, low acid and extremely attractive with excellent size and firmness. Evelynn™ has consistently made attractive tray packs for grower cooperators in New Jersey, and the trees have regularly carried impressive annual crop loads. Available Spring 2018. PPAF. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Felicia™ (NJ361 Cltv.) PP#33,474

A new high-quality variety released by the Rutgers Breeding Program/ New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES). Felicia™ is an attractive yellow-fleshed peach that matures shortly after Redhaven. The fruit has a beautiful solid coloring with some red in the flesh. The traditional flavor is deliciously acidic. The tree is winter hardy, very productive and is resistant to bacterial spot. Trees available spring 2022. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 5D Big PP#17,543

An early season peach developed by Paul Friday in Coloma, Michigan, PF 5D Big harvests 24 days before Redhaven.  The fruit has good size and excellent flavor for an early peach.  The tree is hardy, and minimal cases of split pits have been observed in our trials. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 8 Ball PP#18,534

Now offering this newer selection from Paul Friday’s breeding program in Michigan. PF 8 Ball has excellent size for the early season. First pick fruit is typically semi-cling, with successive picks being freestone. Fruit size is also impressive for an early season selection and reports on flavor have been favorable. Harvests 10 days before Redhaven. Royalty: $2.25/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 17

Developed by Paul Friday in Coloma, Michigan, PF 17 is a large, yellow-fleshed freestone peach maturing approximately two weeks after Redhaven. The tree is vigorous, productive and resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.75/tree
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