Flamin’ Fury® PF 19-007 PP#17,578

A new offering from Paul Friday's Michigan-based breeding program.  Fruit is very large and highly colored.  Harvests the same season as Loring.  Tree is productive and blooms a little later, making it more tolerant to spring frost damage.  A high degree of resistance to bacterial spot has also been observed in this variety. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 23

Developed in Michigan by Paul Friday, PF 23 is a medium to large, yellow freestone peach with excellent color and firmness. Trees are winter hardy, vigorous and productive. Recommended as a variety to follow Loring. Moderately susceptible to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 24-007

Another selection from the Paul Friday breeding program. PF 24-007 is a large, well-colored, firm freestone peach ripening 5 to 7 days before Cresthaven. The trees are very productive, requiring only moderate thinning to achieve optimum fruit size. Royalty: $0.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 27A

A very attractive late season peach. Fruit is large, well colored with excellent firmness and quality. The trees are medium in vigor, very productive and resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 28-007 PP#14,778

This is a new addition to the list of Flamin’ Fury peaches we offer. PF 28-007 is a late-season selection, freestone and boasts great size and color. Fruit has been uniform throughout the tree and shows good resistance to bacterial spot. Harvests in Encore season. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF 9A-007 PP#15,498

This is a new introduction from the Paul Friday breeding program in Michigan.  The fruit ripens with Redhaven and is large, highly colored with good quality.  The trees are vigorous and productive with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Flamin’ Fury® PF Lucky 13

A very attractive peach ripening just after Redhaven. The fruit is medium to large, very firm with excellent color. The trees are vigorous and productive with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Royalty: $1.75/tree

FlavrBurst™ (KV000398 Cltv.) PP#21,378

FlavrBurst™ is a new variety introduced by USDA-ARS in Kearneysville, West Virginia. This peach has consistently shown great size and a beautiful red color on a yellow background. Perhaps the most favorable quality of FlavrBurst™ is its exceptional flavor, exhibiting a sound balance of acid and sugar. The tree is very productive and crops annually. May be somewhat susceptible to bacterial spot and should be trialed before planted heavily where this is a serious problem.

GaLa Peach

A large, freestone peach with a melting texture. It has good flavor and colors nicely to a deep red over a yellow background. GaLa harvests five to six days before Redhaven, filling an important season between Sentry and Redhaven. The trees crop annually and are somewhat resistant to bacterial spot. GaLa was a joint release from the Louisiana Ag Experiment Station and USDA-ARS in Byron, Georgia. It has been tested for many years and has adapted well to both central and southern regions.

Galactica (NC9842 Ctlv.) PP#17,118

Galactica is a mid-season, white-fleshed flat peach that picks right after Saturn. The fruit is medium-large in size and easy to pick with minimal stem pull issues.  The flesh is firmer than Saturn and has excellent, low acid flavor. The trees are productive and show high tolerance to winter injury.  A great selection to extend the Saturn season. Royalty: $0.50/tree


Introduced by USDA-ARS San Joaquin Agricultural Sciences Center, Parlier, California, Galaxy is an outstanding flat peach for eastern growers. The fruit is white-fleshed and very firm with outstanding eating qualities. One of the remarkable qualities of Galaxy is its fruit size, developing fruit 2.-3 inches in diameter.

Garnet Beauty

A sport of Redhaven ripening about 12 days earlier. Fruit is high quality, firm and freestone when fully ripe. Tree is vigorous and productive. A good variety to precede Redhaven. Recommended for colder districts.
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