Glenglo™ (GW115 Cltv.)

Discovered in Martinsburg, West Virginia by W. Glen Welsh, this variety is rapidly becoming an important early season variety in the Mid-Atlantic region. Many consider Glenglo™ the best flavored peach in this season. The fruit is large, very firm and freestone when tree ripened. The tree is medium in vigor and productive.


Introduced by Michigan State University, fruit is large, firm and uniform in size. Fruit color is mostly red with deep yellow ground color. Trees are vigorous and buds are very hardy against spring frosts.

Gloria®(NJ351 Cltv.) PP#18,224

An outstanding new selection for the midseason, Gloria® is a large, highly colored, yellow-fleshed freestone peach ripening seven days after Loring. The fruit is very firm, low acid, with high sugar content and excellent dessert quality. The tree is very productive and resistant to bacterial spot. Gloria® was developed at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University. Royalty: $1.75/tree

Glowingstar®(FA17 Cltv.)

One of the Stellar® series of peaches developed in Michigan. A medium-to-large freestone peach with excellent color and firmness. The trees are very winter hardy, productive and resistant to bacterial spot. Royalty: $0.80/tree

John Boy® (Clendening Cltv.)

This peach has now claimed a prominent status as a commercial peach variety. Discovered by Ed Clendening in 1981 as a complete limb sport of Loring. Fruit is of very high quality, ripening 10 to 14 days before Loring with better color. Fruit is large and very firm. The tree is vigorous and productive with good resistance to bacterial leaf spot.

John Boy® II (Janel Cltv.)

A complete tree sport of John Boy®. discovered in the orchards of Adams County Nursery. This variety has been tested for many years and consistently matures four to five days later than the original John Boy®. The fruit exhibits the same size, color and excellent quality that has made John Boy® a leading variety in commercial peach production. Royalty: $1.00/tree

July Rose™ (NJ354 Cltv.) PP#23,669

A new early-season variety from Rutgers University. A white-fleshed peach that vigorously produces large fruits five to seven days before Redhaven. The firm fruit has a nice, sweet flavor with a very attractive red color. The tree is vigorous and productive and tolerant of bacterial leaf spot. Royalty: $2.25/tree


This new offering was introduced by the USDA peach breeding program at Byron, Georgia. The fruit is large and highly colored with excellent firmness. Evaluations in Georgia indicate that the fruit develops color early but will hang on the tree for an additional 10 days to improve fruit size and flavor. Early trials in the Mid-Atlantic region indicate that this variety may be well suited for this area.

Klondike White

This white-fleshed variety has been grown in the Mid-Atlantic region for over ten years and has performed very well in most locations. The fruit is medium to large and very attractive. This is the best variety to follow White Lady, but should not be planted where bacterial spot is a problem.


This late maturing peach ripens five to ten days after Autumnglo. Fruit is large with attractive red skin and firm yellow flesh. Discovered in Richwood, New Jersey by Donald Reuter, this variety has been assigned to the New Jersey Peach Council and is licensed exclusively to Adams County Nursery.


A large, firm, yellow-fleshed freestone with attractive red color over a yellow ground color. Loring has been an important commercial peach variety for many years and is considered one of the best canning and freezing varieties. The trees are vigorous, productive and resistant to bacterial spot.


This variety is one of the most winter-hardy varieties available. The fruit is medium to large, uniform in size and of exceptional quality. Madison is recommended for northern climates where peaches are susceptible to low winter temperatures.
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