Santa Rosa

A large, attractive reddish-purple plum with yellow flesh. The fruit is firm with excellent quality. One of the most frequently planted Japanese plums. Considered self-fertile and a good pollenizer. Fruit buds are susceptible to winter injury in northern climates.


A very distinctive, dark red plum with red flesh. The fruit is oval-shaped, medium in size and very sweet. The tree is upright and very productive. The fruit is susceptible to cracking in prolonged wet periods.


A sweet, juicy yellow plum. Fruit is round, clingstone and medium in size. The trees are spreading and very productive. Shiro is a good pollenizer for Methley, Santa Rosa and Satsuma.


A New York State Agricultural Experiment Station introduction and leading cultivar in the Great Lakes region. A fine prune-type plum with excellent quality suited for both home use and processing. Fruit is large in size with dark blue skin. Flesh is greenish-yellow, juicy and fine-grained. The tree is early bearing and a good pollenizer for other European varieties.


Valor ripens just a few days after Stanley. It was developed in Vineland, Ontario, Canada. The fruit has purple-blue skin and yellow flesh, with sizes from medium to large. It is a semifreestone and has great fresh market potential. The trees are healthy and productive. Victory and Vision are not pollen compatible cultivars.


A Wickson x Burbank cross that matures one week after Wickson. Fruit is red, medium-sized, yellow-fleshed and clingstone. The trees are upright, vigorous and productive.


Developed in Vineland, Ontario, Canada, Victory ripens five days after Stanley. It is a heart-shaped, European-type plum with dark blue skin, yellow-green firm flesh and an attractive finish. A great selection for the fresh market.


Also developed in Vineland, Ontario, Canada, Vision is a late harvest plum, maturing six days before President. This high-quality fruit is dark blue and oblong-shaped. We recommend planting with Stanley or Victory for best cross pollination.


A large greenish-yellow plum with yellow flesh. The tree is upright and vigorous and tends to be a shy cropper. Any of the Japanese plums will pollinate Wickson; however, Wickson is not considered to be a good pollenizer.
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