This Asian variety is solid russet with pronounced lenticels. Ripening in late August, fruit is mildly flavored, sweet and juicy. Requires thinning to attain maximum fruit size.


Clearly a four-star variety, this round, large, heavily russeted brown Asian pear has a crisp and juicy


Potomac is a Moonglow x Beurre D’Anjou cross developed by the USDA and the Ohio State University. The fruit is moderate in size, averaging 2.5 inches. The flesh texture is moderately fine and buttery. The flavor is pleasingly sub-acid with a mild aroma and is similar to Beurre D’Anjou in character. The tree is moderately vigorous and resistant to fire blight.

Red Bartlett

A red sport of the Bartlett variety with quality equal to its parent. Its red color and fine dessert qualities make it a top seller at fresh markets. Limbs on the tree will occasionally revert back to regular Bartlett and must be cut out periodically to maintain the red strain.

Red Clapp’s (Kalle Cltv.)

An early maturing, fresh market variety ripening ten days before Bartlett. Red Clapp’s is a mutation of the original Clapp’s Favorite. The fruit finishes with an attractive red color, is medium to large, with fine white flesh and good quality. The tree is vigorous, productive, but should not be planted where fire blight is a serious problem.


A small pear with rich yellowish-brown skin when fully ripe. One of the best-quality dessert pears. Ideal for the home garden. Tree is vigorous, hardy and productive. Ripens two weeks after Bartlett.


Another release from USDA and OSU, Shenandoah harvests approximately three weeks after Bartlett. Fruit size is large with traditional sub-acid pear flavor. Blight resistance is good and similar to that of Seckel. Shenandoah stores very well for up to five months without breaking down.


Shinko is a medium-to large-sized pear, very sweet and juicy. It colors to a golden brown russet and will store up to three months after picking. The tree bears heavy, but still crops annually. This variety has shown good resistance to fire blight. Harvests in late September.


An early season Asian pear with yellow finish and very little russet. The fruit is mediumsized, crisp, juicy and of high quality. Trees are vigorous and spreading.


Shinsui is the earliest Asian pear variety that we offer, harvesting mid-August. Fruit finishes with an orange-brown russet. This variety is juicy and has an excellent flavor for the early season. Fruit will keep up to six weeks.


A disease-resistant pear introduced by USDA–ARS and OSU, Sunrise has shown impressive resistance to fire blight. The fruit color is yellow, often finishing with a slight blush and very little russet. Sunrise harvests two weeks before Bartlett and will store for two to three months.


An excellent quality Asian variety maturing in mid-September. Fruit is large, orange-brown, with a russeted finish. Yoinashi™ produces crisp, richly aromatic fruit. Yoinashi™ is a trade name of Fowler Nurseries, Inc., Newcastle, California. Royalty: $0.50/tree
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