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Nectarine Tree Varieties

Yellow Fleshed Nectarine Varieties :

White Fleshed Nectarine Varieties :


Ripening Order

Our ripening order list below identifies the order of ripening for each of our varieties. This list can be used to choose trees which yield fruit at different times during the season.  These are approximate harvest dates for South Central Pennsylvania.  Adjust accordingly for other locations! 


Yellow Fleshed Nectarines

  • Carene™ (Monecar cltv.) - July 17
  • Avalon™ (NJN101 cltv.) PP#23,882 - July 20
  • Easternglo - July 21
  • NectaFest™ PPAF - July 25
  • Summer Beaut - August 5 
  • Sunglo - August 13 
  • Flavortop - August 20 
  • Redgold - August 25 
  • Fantasia - August 28
  • Ambre™ (Monam cltv.) - September 10
White Fleshed Nectarines               
  • Jade™ (Momee cltv.) - July 16
  • SilverGem™ (NJN100 cltv.) PP#18,147 - July 18
  • Arctic Glo - July 23   
  • Emeraude™ (Monnude cltv.) - August 8
  • Arctic Jay PP#9,908 - August 15 
  • Zephyr™ (Monphir cltv.) - September 1


General Information

We make every effort to give fair and accurate descriptions of varieties to enable our customers to make educated decisions when selecting varieties for their orchard.

*Please note: Stone fruit trees cannot be shipped into California due to CA State restrictions. This includes all peach, nectarine, plum, apricot and cherry varieties.*